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Learn how to create custom and relevant videos for your target audience!

Upcoming Video Workshop

February 14th @ 1:00-4:00 PM PST


Spread the LOVE by Making Videos for Your 


This Hands-On workshop will help you plan, execute, and market your video to reach your target market! Amanda and David will share their knowledge that will help your company attract the right demographic to your business. 

Triple Peak Media + Think Box Concepts 😍

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Form Video Schedule

Establish the right video topic for your target audience.

Gain New Customers

Learn why videos are important to your overall strategy to gain the right clients.

Gain Web Exposure

Learn when and were to promote your videos once they are complete.

What You Will Learn

❤️  Why video is critical to your overall marketing strategy

❤️  When to use high-quality video versus live streaming

❤️  How to match your target customer needs and skill sets with the right video topics for your customers

❤️ How to market your video once it's ready to go LIVE

Learn how to identify the key video topics that will engage and activate your target customers. Work together in a smaller group to create short video clips for your business. 

Then, watch all group videos, and cast your vote for the winning group. Winners will receive a prize!

Walk away with the confidence to launch your marketing video!

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Amanda and David teamed up to bring you a hands on workshop that will leave you with a strategy, a plan, and a way to market your videos!


The Video Maven! She rocks it on all things video. She is also the mind behind Triple Peak Media.

Amanda Henry

The Content and Marketing King and Founder of Think Box Concepts.

David Bareno

Turn 2018 into the year of the video!

How to get high converting visitors through the magic of video and turn them into clients.

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